The Blue Sphere Generator Page


Well, this is the Blue Sphere Generator Archival Page.
Last Updated: 2023/04/21

This site holds the different Blue Sphere generators that I originally saved and archived on This excludes the original koryan generator, as that is generated with CGI (Common Gateway Interface) scripts, the era of the early to mid '90s Internet. The generators are as follows:

drspud * new: 2007/05/15 [New] [New (Old Pre-Directory Archive Link)]
drspud * old: 2004 [Old] [Old (Old Pre-Directory Archive Link)]
07scripts: 2013 [Custom Map] [Custom Map (Old Pre-Directory Archive Link)]
romandorado: 2021 []

More info regarding them is on the Download page. Also, from there, you can download them for offline use.
The history of the generators themselves and the original koryan generator are on the History page.
The About page is regarding the site and the owner.
The Links page is regarding old and dead links, mainly for historical purposes. Mostly redundant.

Regarding the Pre-Directory links: at the time when neocities was new, you could not create directories, so the separate websites existed simply as a workaround. They still exist to this day because:
1) I forgot the password to those sites years ago. Likely randomly generated and I don't have a record of that password, lol. Literally the only thing I remember is they all use the same exact password...
2) I didn't attach an email to any of those pre-directory workaround sites, so those are frozen (as if that matters).
3) Even if I remembered the password, removing those old links actually breaks the World Wide Web, in a way. Sonic Retro, as of this update (2017/11/01), has linked to the New BSGen script since July 7, 2017 in their Blue Sphere wiki entry and it has been accessed quite a few times over the years (previously, they linked to one archive on my webserver before their wiki server corrupted and possibly lost some data). Sonic Retro just made that version more well-known as a result.
4) The first three points no longer apply, as I have regained access to the sites that are Pre-Directory links! See here:


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