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There are two versions of the DrSpud era script: the 2007/05/15 (new) version, and the 2004 (old) script, HTML version.

What's the 2007/05/15 'new' version?

The 2007/05/15 version has the better-coded HTML frontend and Javascript backend, and the images and better detailed. This is the most up-to-date version, especially in terms of layout, and it also has the Non-Sonic 1 cart function. This one can also be run locally on your computer.

Download: - 2007/05/15 edition

What's the 2004 'old' version?

The 2004 version would originally have a PHP frontend, but the archived version here has the HTML frontend. The backend is Javascript. The layout is older, and is not as well-designed. The images are not as well-detailed, either. The PHP version would have required you to have setup a webserver (such as Apache or nginx), but most average PC users are not too knowledgeable in regards to setting one up. But since the archived version here is HTML, this one can also be run locally on your computer.

Download: - 2004 edition

What's the 2013 '07scripts' version?

The 07scripts version is a customized map setup of what both the 2004 and the 2007/05/15 custom maps would bring, except it is more visual and interactive. The code for this particular generator was cleaned up for offline use. It also went offline on April 2014, so this and the cwcyrix site will be the only location for this script so far.

Download: - Year 2013


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